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XFUEL is the low tax trader token of BUSDX. The revenue that is generated through XFUEL will be used to FUEL the BUSDX Ecosystem. These funds will be used to buy the native BUSDX token to maintain the staking pool supply.

This will result in an increase in the price of BUSDX, while also providing extra passive income to holders in BUSD. The XFUEL revenue will also be used to BURN a portion of the existing BUSDX supply.

This deflationary process will make the BUSDX token more scarce over time. The XFUEL token will also be used as an alternative payment method for Xpay. BUSDX has developed a staking dapp and will offer a generous APY to investors who stake the XFUEL token. The utilities of BUSDX include: XPAD, XPAY, XSWAP and XNFT.

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