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LANILA is a High APY DeFi game on BNB Smart Chain, a real Decentralized On-Chain game that automatically achieved high APY by smart contract!

Developed by a Russian Technology Company, which runs all the rules on the blockchain, minimizing the artificial risk and pushing to a peak of compound interest. Experienced in blockchain for years, solving the main points of APY Model, which is why LINILA does, and how to lead the world again once launched.

Features of LANILA

  • Daily Compound – Holders have to transfer tokens to the dead address every 24 hours by themselves.
  • High APY – Daily APY is 2% coded in the smart contract and needs to be transferred everyday.
  • On-Chain Compound – All rules was wroten in $LANILA smart contract. Don’t need any Dapp to do so.
  • Original “1+1” Model – New model in the space. The first round of investors will benefit from the model.
  • 8 Generations Bounes – Holders who shill or refer to friends will be given rewards by fixed terms.
  • Burn Mechanism – Tokens will be burned automatically by transferring to maintain the price of $LANILA.

Our goal is to provide the project with a reliable and affordable audits. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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