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Venom Token

Venom is a new generation of interstellar Meme Coin. Unique Venom network token. Venom is a symbiotic creature from an alien planet, a new generation of interstellar Meme tokens. Unlike the Earth-born Meme, Venom has a greater mission to deliver more cosmic magical energy to the crypto world.

Venom include four elements: Charity, Partnership with UNICEF; Education, Establishing Venom Business School; Payment, As a payment method for Google & Amazon; Gamefi, Venom Metaverse Game.

Unlike other meme coins, 100% of all $VENO that will ever exist were launched into circulation on day one, following a fair and public sale. With no founding core team, all organizing, developing, and building for VENO is done by the community.

Our goal is to provide the project with a reliable and affordable audits. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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